Flying records and misplaced
checks are days of the past.

Sign up your
organization and:

  • Eliminate the need of giving receipts
  • Scan your vouchers upon receiving them
  • Charge a donor’s card via a link
  • Receive your pledges without a wait
  • Prevent certificates from getting lost in transit

A tidy portal is
worth a tidy sum


See your account balance, recent grants and total grants amount


See all recurring and one-time payments, view your batched payments and request a payout


View each transaction with all related information See the donor, amount, fee paid, date, transaction type

Search Bar

Search for specific transactions Search by name, date, amount, transaction type, status

Vouchers Certificates

Scan your vouchers without having to send it in


Charge a donor’s card with a link

Your questions, answered

How can I deposit my vouchers in the quickest fashion?

All vouchers can be uploaded to your account by scanning them. Scan options available here.

Why should I sign up my organization?

Organizations that are signed up to Pledger have an organized portal where they can pull up any information relating to their pledges.

How can I find a specific pledge in my portal?

All pledges can be searched with the name of the donor, by date, by amount, by transaction type and by status.

Will I need to give receipts for my donors?

Organizations that are signed up will not need to be on top of sending receipts to donors.

How can I see my organization’s account balance?

All account information is available in the portal; from account balance, to grant amounts, to the most recent donation amount.

How do I request a payout for certificates?

Your organization's portal has a button that says “request payout”. This will automatically send the donations to your organization’s account.

Can I charge a donor’s card without manually swiping it?

Yes- donor’s cards can be swiped using a link that will be provided by Pledger.

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