Easy giving, every day

With a DAF account, you can maximize your deductions without minimizing the warm feeling of giving with heart.

Effortless Pledging

Charity giving without the usual hassie.
Open the door to a wealth of pleasurable giving opportunities.

Say YES to:

  • Automatic tax deductions
  • Audit-free receipt
  • Trackable checks
  • Anonymous giving
  • Multiple mediums of giving
  • Additional security
  • Organized portal

Say NO to:

  • Multiple receipts
  • Manual receipt tracker
  • Outdated Excel sheets
  • Public account information
  • Accounting fees
  • Disorganized records
  • Miscalculated deductions

Easy giving, every day.


Multiple mediums of giving

Pledger Card

Enjoy quick swiping and smooth giving with your Pledger card, which is linked to your Pledger account

Pre-filled Certificates

Keep your pre-filled certificates handy for easy giving. Your booklets, your denomination

Blank Certificates

keep your booklets with blank certificates handy when you want to determine the donation amount.

Online Recomendation

Use the web for great causes. Make an online donation to the organization of your choice.

Recurring Donations

Set up recurring donations, and donate to the organizations of your choice, at the time intervals of your choice.

Account Type

Multiple account types, One supreme Pledger experience

The premium experience for donors and organizations


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