Can I upgrade my account plan when I log into my account?

Account plans can be upgraded by contacting our office.

Can I personalize my booklets?

Yes, all booklets can be personalized by contacting our office.

Do I have to sign the blank checks that I distribute?

Yes, blank checks written out for $1,000 or more require a signature.

Can I be notified when a blank check gets deposited?

Yes, contact our office to receive alerts about blank checks. You can specify what the minimum amount to get notified about should be.

How do I make an online recommendation to a specific charity?

You can do this on the Dashboard page, by the option of Quick Pledge, or you can do it on the Pledge page, by clicking on “+ Add Pledge”.

Where can I see the balance of my Pledger account?

The balance can be seen on the Dashboard page, along with the amount of pledges you have made, and the total amount of money you have pledged.

Can I order booklets with a customized denomination?

Yes, you can order booklets written out to the price of your choice, on the Booklets page.