The Pledger Promise

A DAF organization that is

Overseen by:

CPA’s and attorneys with years of financial and legal knowledge endorse every move we make on your behalf.

Pledge your way

Take Your Time

Add your charity sum to your Pledger account all in one go.

Maintain Control

Pledge when and where you choose.

Grow The Amount

Invest your donations and watch it increase, tax-free.

Remain Anonymous

Give with discretion without losing out on tax deductions.

Recurring Donations

Set up recurring donations and commitments to remain on top of your maaser.

Track Donations

Track every pledge at all times.

Swipe It

Maximize your experience with your Pledger card.

Donate Assets

Donate assets and stocks or other items of monetary value.

Pledge Easy

As simple as 1,2,3

All the pledging qualities you need
Plus all the pledging qualities you want

Oversight Team

Stay on track with our oversight team of CPA’s and attorneys.

Audit-Proof Giving

Take the pressure of your shoulders with audit-free giving.

Additional Security

Stay on track with our oversight team of CPA’s and attorneys.

Organized System

Keep track of your charity giving with one total receipt and trackable pledging.

Low Minimum

Deposit a minimal amount into your account to get started.

User-Friendly Platform

Manage your account like a pro.

Gratuitous Giving

Reduce pledging expenses by using the Process Partnering

Remarkable Client Care

Have your needs understood and met with satisfaction.

Multiple Plans

Select the plan that suits your charity giving needs.

Why the DAF route?

With its distinctive benefits, it’s more like “Why not?”

Donor Advised Fund

  • Singular receipt
  • Automatic tracking
  • Anonymous giving
  • Low balance alerts
  • Transaction updates
  • No annual minimums
  • No professional fees
  • Up to 60 % income deduction

Private Foundation

  • Multiple receipts
  • Manual tracking
  • Non - anonymous giving
  • Manual balance tracking
  • Manual transaction research
  • 5% annual minimums
  • Annual professional fees
  • 30 % income deduction cap

Your questions, answered

Is there a minimum account balance I must maintain?

There is no minimum amount that has to be held in a Pledger account.

What are the administrative fees associated with my account?

Depending on your account type, this may vary. (Account Options). If you’re enrolled in Process Partnering, all fees are covered by the organization.

Are there multiple ways of pledging to an organization?

Yes. Pledges can be made via Pledger checks, online recommendations and through the Pledger card.

Can I track my Pledger checks?

All Pledger checks are trackable, as an additional security measure.

Experience the pledge

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