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Give with Trust

You choose which causes to support and we take care of the rest.


With online transfers or certificates, giving is easier than ever.


When a DAF is run by professional accountants, you can be confident that every dollar is handled with expertise.


CPAs and attorneys with years of financial and legal knowledge endorse every move that we make on your behalf.

Pledge the way you want to.

Maintain Control

You determine the recipient of every donation.

Take your Time

You decide when to pledge.

Allocate Ma’aser

Set up recurring donations and remain up to date with your tithing commitments.

Remain Anonymous

Give with discretion without losing out on tax deductions.

Track Donations

Track every certificate you distribute at all times.

Instant Donations

When time is of the essence, contribute instantly.

Balanced Books

Never risk messing up your books by over pledging.

Convenient Giving

Give anywhere, anytime even without logging in. Certificates do the job too.

Why the DAF route?With its distinctive benefits, it’s more like ‘why not’?

Donor Advised Fund

  • No annual minimums
  • One receipt to file
  • Automatic tracking
  • No professional fees
  • Holding information remains private
  • Low balance alerts
  • Up to 60% income deductions
  • Constant transaction updates

Private Foundation

  • 5% annual minimum
  • Prove validity of every charity
  • Manual receipt tracking
  • Annual professional fees
  • Holding information goes public
  • Manual balance tracking
  • 30% income deduction cap
  • Withdrawal and accounting glitches

Your questions answered.

Depending on your account type, this may vary.

Pledger has no maximum other than the individual (deductible) tax law cap.

Simply log into your account, choose a donation amount, and recommend it to the charity of your choice.

Only the $1.00 and $2.00 certificate books incur a fee of $2.00 per book. The larger amounts are free.

Yes, in order to ensure that every detail will be in order with your pledges and tax returns, Pledger vets each agency before remitting the pledge.

When we receive the recommendation, we verify whether the charity of choice is a registered 501c3 and a check is mailed out immediately.

Yes, reach out to our friendly staff and we’ll help you upgrade your account at any time.

Don’t see your question here? Reach out to our knowledgeable staff and get answers!

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